National / Regional/ Zonal Trials

Only Primary school hockey player who are in Grade 7 and below and are u/13 year old or younger may be selected for u/13 Provincial, Regional or District teams. An u/13 in Grade 8 must go to u/14 High school trials.

Each Region can decide if they will allow u/14 player  (both boys and girls) to play in their leagues. If so, no more than 2  x u/14 may be on the field at any one time. This policy must be the same for both boys and girls in there region


Primary school will not be using 4 chucker's  in all fixtures, festival or tournaments


Form 2_Code of conduct_ Players_Signature

Form 3_Code of conduct_Players

Form 4_Code of conduct-Parents and supporters

Form 5_Code of conduct_Umpires

Form 6_Code of conduct_Managers and Coaches

Form 8_ Letter of consent